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35300 acres

Total Land to be Acquired

3675 acres

Total Land Acquired


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Food Processing Policy
Incentives under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana:
  • 100% exemption from stamp dutyfor the land purchased for the establishment of the food processing industry.
  • Exemption from Mandi fees and cess for agricultural produce procured from other states for processing in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Permission to purchase land(agricultural) for more than 12.5 acres for FPIs.
  • Scheme for Creation of backward and forward Linkages: The admissible grant will be 35% of the eligible project cost subject to maximum of INR 5 Crores.
Semiconductor Policy 2024
Semi Conductor Policy Incentives
  • Land Subsidy: Ground your visions with significant land discounts, paving the way for your groundbreaking projects.
  • Financial Aids: A comprehensive suite of financial incentives awaits, from stamp duty exemptions and electricity duty waivers to SGST reimbursements, fueling your ambitious voyage.
  • R&D Support: Boost your innovation with a 25% reimbursement on establishing R&D facilities, pushing the boundaries of what's possible
Defence & Aerospace Policy 2019
Defence & Aerospace Policy Incentives
  • Defence Corridor worth INR 20,000 crore to be established in nearly 3000 hectares of land in Bundelkhand Region.
  • Private Defence and Aerospace D&A Park to be developed in Bundelkhand region to attract 15% additional capital investment subsidies up to limit of INR 15 crore.
  • Capital Subsidy at the rate of 10% upto maximum INR 500 Crores to all D&A units setting up projects in Jhansi and Chitrakut node of UPDIC.
  • Transport Subsidy  for Anchor units for transfer of technology.
Civil Aviation Promotion Policy 2017
Civil Aviation Promotion Policy 2017 Incentives
  • VAT on ATF will be waived off for ten years on all RCS flights
  • S-GST reimbursement on sale of air tickets on RCS flights on a monthly basis.
  • Viability Gap Funding (for 50% of total seats) at 20% State Share according to RCS.
  • Electricity at subsidised rates @Rs 4/Unit upto 30,000 units per month.
Renewable Energy Policy 2022
Renewable Energy Policy Incentives
  • Infrastructure subsidy: For grid connectivity of Standalone Solar Power projects of capacity 5 MW and above proposed to be set up in Bundelkhand region, State Government will bear the cost for construction of maximum transmission line length.
  • Green Energy corridor is being set up in Bundelkhand Region of the State to facilitate evacuation of power of 4000 MW capacity.
  • Bundelkhand Saur Urja Pvt Ltd (BSUL) have been formed for development of Solar Parks.
  • Nodal Agency to create a land bank in State specifically in Bundelkhand region with the objective to remove the procedural delays in availability of land.
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Policy 2023
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Policy Incentives
  • Capital Subsidy:  @15% of investment up to Rs 200 Cr to be provided in 5 annual instalments in Bundelkhand.
  • Interest Subsidies: @5% p.a. for 5yrs on loan taken for procurement of P&M, up to max Rs 1 Cr p.a. per unit; Addtl subsidy @2% p.a for 7yrs for units in Bundelkhand.
  • Electricity Duty Exemption:  100% exemption for 10 yrs.
  • Stamp Duty:   exemption @100% .
Information Technology & Start-Up Policy 2017-2022
Information Technology & Start-Up Policy Incentives
  • Interest subsidy   @5% per annum for a period of 7 years.
  • Stamp Duty  @100% exemption on purchase/lease of land/office space/ buildings for IT/ITeS use with condition of commencing operations within 3 years.
  • Electricity Duty  @100% reimbursement for new IT/ITeS units for a period of 10 years post commencement of commercial operations.
  • Smart IT City to be developed in Bundelkhand.
Data Center Policy 2021
Data Center Incentives
  • Land Subsidy: 50% subsidy in Bundelkhand capped at 7.5% of the total project cost or INR 75 Crore, whichever is lower.
    • 50% subsidy in Bundelkhand regions, capped at 7.5% of the total project cost or INR 75 Crore, whichever is lower.
  • Interest Subsidy: Up to 60% reimbursement of annual interest for 7 years with a cap of INR 10 Crore per year, accumulating to a total ceiling of INR 50 Crore per park.
  • Capital subsidy: @7% up to INR 20 Cr on Fixed Capital investment (FCI) excluding land and building .
Warehousing and Logistics Policy 2022
Warehousing & Logistics Policy Incentives
  • Front end Subsidies:  Incentives offered to eligible projects before commencement of commercial operations.
  • Stamp duty exemption:  Concession of land use conversion for all eligible projects @75%.
  • Ground Coverage:   Storage facilities & Dry ports: upto 60%.
  • Backend Subsidies:   Incentives offered to eligible projects on commencement of commercial operations.
  • Capital Subsidy:  Storage facilities: @15% upto INR 5 Cr. anywhere in UP and upto INR 10 Cr. In designated Logistics Zones.
Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy 2022
Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy Incentives
  • Capital Subsidy to Service providers:
    • Charging Stations:  (one time) investing minimum INR 25 lakh shall be provided capital subsidy @20% upto maximum INR 10 lakh per unit to 1st2000 Charging Stations.
    Land Subsidy: 50% Land subsidy on prevailing sector rates shall be provided to SPV/PIA of EMC/ESDM Parks and individual ESDM units on purchase of land from state Agencies in Bundelkhand regions.
    Financial Subsidy: 100 % Stamp Duty reimbursement on purchase/ lease of land post commencement of commercial production
Textile and Garmenting Policy 2022
Textile and Garmenting Policy Incentives
  • Capital Investment Subsidy:  Capital Subsidy of 25% of the investment made on purchase of Plant and Machinery will be reimbursed to the textiles and garments units, which generates minimum employment of 50 in Bundelkhand Region.
    In addition to the above, reimbursement of additional capital subsidy at the rate of 10 % will be provided to the units set up in Bundelkhand Region.
  • Land Subsidy  @50% of land cost on land purchase from State Agencies.
  • Stamp Duty exemption  @100%.
Fortune Global 500 & Fortune India 500 Companies Investment Promotion Policy 2023
Fortune Global 500 & Fortune India 500 Companies Investment Promotion Policy 2023 Incentives
  • Front-End Land Subsidy   of up to 80% depending on the region, with stipulated conditions on commencement of operations.
  • Capital Subsidy:  A capital subsidy, under a yearly ceiling of ₹100 crore, will be provided in seven equal annual instalments, with the percentage varying based on the geographical location within the state.
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Policy - 2022
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Policy Incentives
  • Capital Subsidy:  MSME in the Bundelkhand region of the State will be eligible for capital subsidy of 25%, 20% and 15%, respectively.
  • Interest Subsidy: 100% Financial Assistance to be provided for Bundelkhand region.
  • Infrastructure Interest Subsidy: Infrastructure interest subsidy will be payable for 7 years.
  • Stamp Duty Exemption:   100% stamp duty exemption in Bundelkhand region.
Tourism Policy 2022
Uttar Pradesh Tourism Policy Incentives
  • Capital Investment Subsidy:   New hotels, resorts, wellness centers, and more can avail of subsidies ranging from 10% to 25% for various projects, encouraging significant investment in the tourism sector.
  • Interest Subsidy and Stamp Duty Exemption: Offers incentives such as a 5% interest subsidy for up to 5 years and 100% exemption on stamp duty on the first transaction to promote tourism infrastructure.
  • Skill Development and Training Incentives:   A 100% reimbursement of hospitality-related course fees.
New Sports Policy 2023
New Sports Policy Incentives
  • Assistance to Grassroot Athletes:   Annual assistance of INR 75,000 for athletes at junior level INR 50,000 for athletes at sub Junior level.
  • Assistance to Development Athletes:  Annual Financial assistance of INR 2 Lakhs for athletes for their physical well-being and diet.
  • Assistance to Elite Athletes:  Annual financial assistance of INR 3 lakhs to athletes for their physical well-being and diet.All the Athletes part of the UP sports Scheme, Coaches and sports science staff will also be covered by a cashless health insurance of INR 5 Lakhs each.
Township Policy 2023
Township Policy Incentives
  • Eligibility for Private Developers:  Private developers now have an opportunity to partake in township development projects, opening up new avenues for investment and growth.
  • Flexibility in Land Use:  For townships with a land area of below 50 acres, the policy designates these exclusively for residential purposes.
  • Facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI):  The policy aligns with the Indian government’s FDI policy, allowing for foreign investment in township projects, thereby broadening the investment pool.
Uttar Pradesh Film Sector Policy Overview
Uttar Pradesh Film Sector Policy Overview
  • 60% of national box office collections   come from Uttar Pradesh, NCR, and Mumbai.
  • Uttar Pradesh was awarded the Most Film Friendly State Award in the National Film Festival in both 2015 and 2016.
  • The state is set to host the biggest film city in the country.
  • With more than 500 multiplexes and single screens, Uttar Pradesh is a major hub for cinema.
Uttar Pradesh Film Sector Policy Overview
Uttar Pradesh Startup Policy Overview
  • Top 3 Ranking :To be among the top three states in the "States’ Startup Ranking".
  • Incubation Support : Establish and support a minimum of one incubator in each district, with a total goal of 100 incubators across the state.
  • Ecosystem Development :Create an ecosystem to support at least 10,000 startups.
  • Physical Infrastructure :Develop a minimum of One Million square feet of incubation/acceleration space.
  • Centres of Excellence :Establish eight state-of-the-art Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

Discover the Strategic Advantages of Investing in BIDA

Food Processing Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh Agro & Food Processing Industry Policy-2022 aims to capitalise on the state's agricultural abundance to foster a dynamic, technologically advanced, and sustainable food processing sector.

Defence & Aerospace Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh Government is steering the nation toward an avant-garde future with its dynamic Defence & Aerospace (D&A) policy. Positioned in the heart of the Bundelkhand region, the Defence Industrial Corridor (DIC) stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity.

Semiconductor Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh Electronics and Semiconductors Policy 2024 is a strategic initiative aimed at positioning the state as a significant hub for semiconductor manufacturing, critical for bolstering economic growth, enhancing innovation, and supporting India's ambitions towards self-reliance in a strategically pivotal sector.

Civil Aviation Promotion Policy Incentives

Uttar Pradesh aims to strengthen its position as a significant aviation hub in India, bolstered by its strategic sectoral policies designed to foster growth, connectivity, and infrastructure development within the civil aviation domain. These initiatives are geared towards attracting aviation investors, with a focus on creating a more favourable business environment, enhancing air connectivity, and promoting trade and employment through infrastructural advancements in the state's civil aviation landscape.

Renewable Energy Policy Incentives

In an ambitious move to bolster the renewable energy sector, Uttar Pradesh unveils a comprehensive incentive policy targeted at renewable energy companies and investors. This policy aims to significantly ramp up renewable energy production capacity whilst fostering a conducive investment climate.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Policy, 2023, heralds a promising future for entities operating within these sectors. This policy is designed to position Uttar Pradesh as a leading hub for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, leveraging its expansive market, robust R&D infrastructure, and strategic incentives to facilitate growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Information Technology & Start-Up Policy Incentives

The UP Information Technology Policy 2022 is not just a policy document; it is a testament to Uttar Pradesh’s commitment to becoming a leader in the IT and ITeS industry. By providing a wide range of fiscal incentives and highlighting the Bundelkhand region for targeted development, the policy creates an attractive ecosystem for IT ventures.

Data Center Policy Incentives

Uttar Pradesh is setting a global benchmark in the Data Center (DC) industry with its ambitious Data Center Policy 2021. This policy aims to establish the state as an attractive destination for investors and technology firms looking to tap into the rapidly growing DC market.

Warehousing and Logistics Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh Warehousing and Logistics Policy 2022 emerges as a pivotal framework designed to position Uttar Pradesh, and specifically the Bundelkhand region, as a leading hub for logistics and warehousing, nationally and globally. This policy brief highlights the critical objectives, compelling incentives, and strategic initiatives set forth in the policy, aimed at captivating private investment, enhancing infrastructure capabilities, promoting employment, and endorsing green, sustainable practices.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy Incentives

The advent of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is heralding a new era in the global automotive landscape, signalling a significant shift towards sustainable mobility. The Uttar Pradesh Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy 2019 is crafted to place Uttar Pradesh at the forefront of this transition, leveraging its strategic advantages to foster growth in EV manufacturing and usage.

Textile and Garmenting Policy Incentives

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is determined to provide a favourable ecosystem and promote Indian Textiles & Apparel Industry to make them competitive with Industries from the leading textile & apparel exporting countries.

Fortune Global 500 & Fortune India 500 Companies Investment Promotion Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh government is proud to announce the launch of the "Uttar Pradesh FDI, Fortune Global 500 & Fortune India 500 Companies Investment Promotion Policy 2023". This groundbreaking policy is designed to turbocharge the state's economy by attracting top-tier global investments.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Policy Incentives

Uttar Pradesh, India's expansive state, stands as a significant economic powerhouse. This sector, crucial for regaining momentum and capturing new investment avenues post-pandemic, is central to realising Uttar Pradesh's vision of becoming a trillion-dollar economy.

Tourism Policy Incentives

Uttar Pradesh, with its rich tapestry of culture, history, and heritage, is making significant strides to strengthen its position as a core attraction for tourists, both domestic and international.

New Sports Policy Incentives

The New Sports Policy 2023, approved by the Uttar Pradesh cabinet and led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is set to revolutionise the sports landscape in the state. Designed to nurture a vibrant sports culture and propel athletes to new heights, this policy introduces a range of innovative strategies and provisions. Here’s what private academies and the public in Uttar Pradesh need to know.

Township Policy Incentives

The Uttar Pradesh Township Policy 2023 sets a foundation for modern, high-quality living spaces, catering to a diverse demographic. It marks a strategic pivot to foster private-sector participation in creating holistic townships, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructural excellence. Finance Minister Suresh Khanna echoed the sentiment of progressive urbanisation, underscoring the government's commitment.

Uttar Pradesh Film Sector Policy Overview

The Uttar Pradesh Film Sector Policy is designed to position the state as a premier destination for the film industry, leveraging its robust infrastructure, abundant labour, and rich heritage. With generous financial incentives and a variety of attractive locations, Uttar Pradesh offers an unparalleled filming experience.
Explore the opportunities that await you in Uttar Pradesh. Connect with us to learn more about how you can take advantage of these incentives and make your mark in the film industry.

Uttar Pradesh Startup Policy 2020

The Uttar Pradesh Startup Policy 2020, recently amended in 2022, is a comprehensive initiative designed to foster a thriving startup ecosystem in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The policy is valid for five years from its notification date and supersedes previous policies (UP IT & Startup Policy 2016 and UP IT & Startup Policy 2017-2022). This policy aims to position UP among the top three states in the "States’ Startup Ranking" conducted by Startup India.

Citizen e-services

Grievance Management System

The Grievance Management System serves the dual purpose of democratising the process of raising grievances and institutionalising the process of resolving them. By doing so, it ensures that grievances are handled in a systematic, fair, and unbiased manner, leading to satisfactory outcomes for all parties involved.

Key Features:

• Acknowledgment: Notify the employee that their grievance has been received and is being reviewed.
• Investigation: Conduct a thorough, impartial, and objective investigation into the grievance.
• Resolution: Communicate the findings and resolutions to the involved parties in a clear and respectful manner.
• Feedback: Encourage citizens / Organizations to provide feedback on the resolution process and overall satisfaction.

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Launching Soon: Streamlined ERP Modules to Enhance Grievance Management System

Grievance Management System
Land Acquisition and Management System (LAMS)
Integrated Financial Accounting Management System (IFMS)
eCitizen payment /IPS
Supply Chain Management System
Property Management
Allottee's Online Services Management System
E-BG (Bank Guarantees)
Tax and Legal Notice Management System (TLMS)
E-Tendering / E-RFP
E-Tendering / E-RFP
Supply Chain Management System
Allottee's Online Services Management System
Integrated Financial Accounting Management System (IFMS)
Grievance Management System
Supply Chain Management System

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