Board of Directors


A Dynamic Force Behind Exceptional Experiences : Our board members are at the heart of our mission to deliver unparalleled industrial growth in the Bundelkhand Region,embodying a dynamic force that drives innovation, excellence, and inclusivity.

Strategic Catalyst for Growth : Operating within the framework of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Authority is a key enabler for catalyzing industrial growth and fostering economic development in the region.

Champions of Opportunity : The board members are pivotal in advancing diverse initiatives that significantly enhance the business landscape and community opportunities.

Synergy and Insight : The unique insights and strategic contributions of our board members create a synergistic effect that propels the Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority to the forefront of industrial and economic progress in Uttar Pradesh.

Shri Manoj Singh
IAS, IIDC Infrastructure & Industrial development Commissioner & ACS Panchayati Raj, APC Agriculture Production Commissioner & Chairman BIDA
Shri Deepak Kumar
IAS, ACS-Finance,UP
Dr. Ashish kumar Goel
IAS, Chairman UPPCL
Shri Amrit Abhijat
Principal Secretary,Urban Development,UP
Shri Anil Sagar
IAS, Principal Secreatary, Department of Infrastructure and Industrial Development,UP
Shri Ajay Chauhan
IAS, Principal Secretary,P.W.D.,U.P.
Shri Mayur Maheshwari
Dr. Balkar Singh
IAS, Managing Director Jal Nigam,U.P.
Shri Bimal Kr Dubey
IAS, Divisional Commissioner Jhansi Division, UP
Shri Amrit Tripathi
Shri Avinash Singh
IAS, DM Jhansi,U.P.
Shri Anil Kr. Mishra
Chief Town & Country Planner,UP