Tax and Legal Notice Management System (TLNMS)

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Tax and Legal Notice Management System (TLNMS)

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate world, managing legal obligations including tax matters has become a complex task, demanding more precision, efficiency, and security than ever before. The Tax and Legal Notice Management System (TLNMS) presents a comprehensive solution tailored for investors, industries, corporates, and financial institutions. By streamlining operations and enhancing compliance, TLNMS secures a pivotal role in modern business management. Here’s how:

Key Features:-
• Enhanced Effectiveness and Efficiency: By transitioning from manual paperwork to the Tax Invoice Management System (TIMS), organisations can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on filing and keeping records, and following up on all VAT records.
• Minimised Fraud: TIMS offers a direct, secure connection to the Kenya Revenue Authority, ensuring timely and accurate transmission of transaction data. This not only enhances security but also makes data recovery convenient in case of device theft or damage, ensuring compliance with regulations.
• Easier Auditing of Sales: The system provides clear, real-time records for VAT-able goods and services, facilitating streamlined sales audits and allowing businesses to quickly adapt sales strategies for maximum returns.
• Reduction of Filing Costs: TIMS aids in minimising the costs associated with filing and record-keeping by storing every VAT transaction data securely for easy retrieval, demonstrating tax compliance efficiently.
• Minimise Tax Leakage: Integration with KRA's system enables efficient real-time data transmission, maintaining confidentiality and ensuring tax compliance for businesses.

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