Uttar Pradesh New Sports Policy 2023 Overview
Sector Overview :
The New Sports Policy 2023, approved by the Uttar Pradesh cabinet and led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is set to revolutionise the sports landscape in the state. Designed to nurture a vibrant sports culture and propel athletes to new heights, this policy introduces a range of innovative strategies and provisions. Here’s what private academies and the public in Uttar Pradesh need to know.
Sector Overview
Expansion and Modernization :  Private academies stand to gain from financial incentives aimed at expanding infrastructures, such as improved training facilities funded by governmental support.
Collaboration and Growth :  The PPP model presents a unique opportunity for private academies to partner with the government, driving growth and innovation in the sports sector.
Access and Participation :  For the general public, these initiatives promise enhanced access to sports facilities and a tangible increase in participation across all levels of society, contributing to a healthier and more active Uttar Pradesh.
Holistic Development :  Through incorporating successful elements from other states' policies and emphasizing community support, the policy aims for comprehensive progress in cultivating sports talents across the state.
Comprehensive Development :   This policy prioritises physical fitness training, the development of new sports institutions, and the integration of sports into the educational framework through schools, colleges, and private academies.
State Sports Authority :  Mirroring the structure of the Sports Authority of India (SAI), the establishment of a state sports authority aims to streamline the management and development of sports in Uttar Pradesh.
Training Categorization :   Athletes are segmented into three categories - grassroots, developmental, and elite - to tailor training programs to their specific needs, ensuring a structured pathway to success at national and international levels.
Focus on Women, Para Sports, and Rural Development :   Special emphasis is laid on promoting sports among women, para-athletes, and in rural areas, aiming for inclusivity and equal opportunity.
Promotion of Local and Indigenous Sports :  Recognizing the rich cultural heritage of Uttar Pradesh, the policy aims to encourage local and indigenous sports alongside efforts to boost sports tourism and the sports industry within the state.
Additional Facilities in Hostels :  Provision of expert-led fitness and dietary guidance in hostels, coupled with the formation of committees comprising international athletes to oversee admissions, underscores the policy’s commitment to athlete welfare.
Investment and Fiscal Incentives
Investors and technology firms are encouraged to leverage this unique opportunity to be part of Uttar Pradesh's technological renaissance. For detailed insights and to explore investment opportunities, reach out directly to the Project Management Unit under the supervision of the Nodal Agency.
Assistance to Grassroot Athletes :   Annual assistance of INR 75,000 for athletes at junior level INR 50,000 for athletes at sub Junior level.
Assistance to Development Athletes : Annual Financial assistance of INR 2 Lakhs for athletes for their physical well-being and diet.
Assistance to Elite Athletes :   Annual financial assistance of INR 3 lakhs to athletes for their physical well-being and diet.
All the athletes part of the UP sports Scheme, coaches and sports science staff will also be covered by a cashless health insurance of INR 5 Lakhs each. All these personnel will also be covered by a personal accident policy with sufficient coverage.