Allottee's Online Services Management System (AOMS)

BIDA's Allottee's Online Services Management System (AOMS) Modules for All Your Online Needs!

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Allottee's Online Services Management System (AOMS)

Designed for urban services users, real estate allottees, and BIDA property owners, this Allottee’s Online Services Management System presents a comprehensive solution, aiming to enhance convenience, improve operational efficiency, and ensure user satisfaction through its multifaceted features and benefits.

Online Services and Management:

  • Simplified process to apply for a variety of services online.
  • Ability to upload necessary documents for application verification.
  • Secure and easy online payment option.
  • Live tracking feature to check the status of application processes.
  • Automated notification system for timely alerts on service delivery progress.
  • Quick approval process for service applications online.

Property and Mortgage Services:

  • Provision for allottees and sub-allottees to apply for mortgage permissions.
  • Easy process to cancel or withdraw mortgage permission.
  • Facilities for address changes and sub-lease address updates.
  • Issuance of No Dues Certificate and property transfer services.
  • Mutation services in cases of death, lease deed time extensions, and more.
  • Features for joint name inclusion, lease deed execution, and sub-lease deed arrangements.

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